Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some recent events.

Ace got a sweet new handmade cat bed from Like Kittysville. He inspected:
Increased resniffing.

And then accepted.
Lording over it.
(Also, we pulled up the carpet.)

Henry turned 6 and we ate cheesecake.
Swirly cheesecake.

The Brit and I gave him a Marshall amp.
The setup.

Henry rocked out in the best way possible.

Emily got pie in the face.
Pieface 4.
(So did Henry and Jude. They all volunteered. Then they went after people who did NOT volunteer.)

Willa took a break from teething and mugged for the camera.

Dom came home.
At least he looks good.
At least HE looks good. But he probably deserves it more than I do.


  1. Awesome! Henry looks so much older with his short haircut and product usage. Is he taking guitar lessons?


  2. There is so much to love in this entry. The cat bed. The cheesecake. The awesome Marshall amp. The Keelhauler just bought himself a Marshall amp, actually. There's something in the air, apparently.


  3. Wendell, the hair is owing to sweat rather than product. But I agree, he looks all old in this pic. Sniff. He is not taking lessons. Just freeform jamming.

  4. H has turned into a little stud. Last time I was him he was a toddler. He's all boy, now! Love the spikes.

  5. I have lots to say about your latest posts, but I'm lazy so I'll say them in one comment.

    A. Dom, you look great! I bought a mac, we'll be video chatting in no time.

    B. You gotta love a kid who has cheesecake for his birthday.

    C. "Blech, blech, blech and meh." AWESOME! I don't care what the context, that shit is funny.

    D. Them there kids are smart. Of course he should expect bagpipes to be arriving soon. He probably chugged then smashed his bottle of Jameson when he found out he wasn't getting them.

    E. Wait, are dresses out? Here's a hint: guys like clothes that they can imagine taking off of you. Sweatpants, dresses, non-chastity-style belts, and tube tops all fall in this category.

    F. Magicians may be into chastity belts.

    P.S. Tell Dom's ass to fill that goatee in some more.