Friday, May 09, 2008

Backlash spectacular.

Just a little linkage for you, though I've got more to say about this (naturally) than "just read it." It's Katha Pollitt's most recent column for The Nation, and it provides a nice little roundup of a bunch of recent news items that show us how very far we need to go before women and men get equal treatment in this country.

I also got an email from MoveOn today about the Fair Pay Act, which got shot down by McCain and co recently because it would lead to "too many lawsuits." I know, the horror. The email looks like this:

Yo momma's so underpaid she only makes $0.73 for every dollar a man makes doing the same job.

Yo momma's so underpaid they wrote a whole law called the Fair Pay Act to level the playing field, and Senator McCain and the Republicans opposed it.

Yo momma's so underpaid—and McCain said that the real problem is that women need more "education and training."


It's my favorite MoveOn email ever, maybe.

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