Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Footwear. And other nonsense.

I tried on some of the Nike Free 5.0s the other day--they're the shoes that are supposed to mimic being barefoot--and I might be a convert. Unfortunately they were coral red maryjanes with flowers all over them and I just wasn't in the mood to drop 50 bucks on such a shoe, but dudes they feel REALLY GOOD. They weigh nothing and your foot just spreads out and grips the ground. That's what I'm talking about.

My crocheted spring earrings arrived today and they are beeeyoootiful. However, it is cold and assy outside. So much for spring earringwear. So much for spring.

Oh hey you know how I dropped my laptop last month? Perhaps you'd forgotten. Anyway, the impact compromised the screen's functionality and I always have my work laptop handy, so I just sort of stashed my own personal laptop and put off dealing with it. Over the weekend I finally opened up the computer--I mean really opened it up, and it was filthy. It was appalling. But the point of the story is that I found the point where the screen had disconnected and reconnected it. And then I felt like a magical supergenius. Moral of the story: look inside the computer. Not only is it interesting, but you can figure out many things yourself. Also you can remove the hair and crumbs that have gotten all up in there.

Another thing that happened over the weekend: my boyfriend climbed a tree in my grandma's garden.
Man and tree.
I tried to do it too, and promptly gacked my armflesh so bad I had to drop out. Sad.


  1. Where'd you find the frees in the Twin Cities? My husband promptly ordered a pair online after reading that article while I'd rather do a little trying on before I up & order a pair myself.

  2. I found them at the MoA DSW on the clearance rack, so sizes might be limited. Like I said, they're floral maryjanes, so they'll be hard to miss if there are any in stock! I actually didn't look at athletic footwear at all, so it's totally possible there are other ones around.