Thursday, May 15, 2008

I rode again today and I am ready for a break because my ass hurts. But it was another awesome day for biking, and I rode part of the way home along the river, and it was beautiful. This is a lucky place to live for scenery, especially if you like bodies of water (apart from the ocean, obvs).

I think it's likely that if this biking thing continues for me, it's going to be another one of those decisions that reverberates through many areas of my life--much like the decision to quit eating meat lo these many years ago, which started off as distaste and turned into an ethic. I think, for example, that if I bike regularly, there will probably be yet another wardrobe/style shift, one that makes function far more central. I was heading that way anyway, after a year or so of many-layered style experiments and lots of dress-over-pants. Now I kind of just want a uniform. I have an idea in my head of what I want to wear, and the problem of course is that I'll never find the pieces, and in the meantime will probably draw pictures and have half-assed ideas about designing and making my uniform(s). The stuff would be Dunderdon-esque, but would include jumpsuits, just FYI.

Anyway, I went out tonight and got myself some sporty pants to ride in, so at least that's taken care of.

In more serious and exciting news, you've probably already heard about In re marriage cases, the California Supreme Court case that has made marriage equal for all Californians regardless of sexual orientation--as of today. Here's a good bit from the opinion:
[W]e conclude that … the constitutionally based right to marry properly must be understood to encompass the core set of basic substantive legal rights and attributes traditionally associated with marriage that are so integral to an individual’s liberty and personal autonomy that they may not be eliminated or abrogated by the Legislature or by the electorate through the statutory initiative process. These core substantive rights include, most fundamentally, the opportunity of an individual to establish – with the person with whom the individual has chosen to share his or her life – an officially recognized and protected family possessing mutual rights and responsibilities and entitled to the same respect and dignity accorded a union traditionally designated as marriage…
(Link takes you to the entire legal opinion, if you're into that sort of thing.)


  1. Yes, Cali; that's right.

    We both wrote about rivers yesterday. To me that's a sign of luck for either money or love.

  2. Ya heard?

    But I would have to say that it's more like I mentioned the river, whereas you actually wrote beautifully about it. I'd like to slow my blogging ass down and observe more, but these days I seem to be only able to write about my effing neverending lifestyle choices hooha.

  3. Yeah Yeah Yeah for CA!!!

    Also, I have been slowly doing the wardrobe makeover thing over the last year. I am so obsessed with fit and function that I have basically just given into that. I want to be able to leave work every day and go outside, whether walking, biking or otherwise. It started a few years ago with giving up heels and cute shoes for danskos, and has continued into the clothing realm. Working at the U makes it even more possible. We're taking on the biking lifestyle, so it has become even more important...Now if I could only figure out what to do with my hair/helmet!!