Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day.

Eddie H Schaefer, radioman 3-C.
That's Uncle Eddie up there on the right. He was a radioman 3-C. I've been looking for his obituary on the internet, and I can't find it--I can't even find a date of death, though I did find out that he was born August 17, 1922. But MAN it is crazy what you can find when you start down the genealogical garden path. A few clicks and suddenly there are the names of all your great aunts and uncles. I am totally going to be one of those nutters who spends retirement trying to find out where we all came from and making diagrams and organizing documents.

Happy Memorial Day.

[ETA: I am dumb. My mom just emailed me to say "Uncle Eddie is not dead." No wonder I couldn't find an obit. That photograph had his name, rank, and the name of a newspaper on the back, so I assumed it was submitted for an obit. Moral of the story: check with people who might actually know what happened. Uncle Eddie, this one is still for you, since I didn't even know you were out there.]

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