Friday, May 02, 2008

More linky for you, plus the best cold EVAR.

Again through the magic of flickr clickage, I have found some more reading material, this time from a nutritionist--a strict vegetarian who breaks it all down for you with cold hard facts. Go check out BeanDiet, where you will be enjoined to up your fiber intake in order to save your life. I love this kind of stuff. This post about great-grandparent nutrition is a good starting point for omnivores--it tackles the question of how our great-grandparents could've been so much healthier than us even though they ate meat, eggs, and dairy.

(Insert segue here.)

So you know how I was laid up with a cold earlier this week? It has turned out to be the most classic, predictable cold I have had in years and I am weirdly proud of it. I've known exactly what to expect each day. I also think this is the first time in years that I haven't been stressed out about being sick and I am proud of this as well, though really that's just an accident of timing. It's amazing how just saying "oh laaaaa, I guess I have to call in to work and cancel some lessons this week" has allowed my bod to protect and regulate itself.

In years past, when I was singing constantly and always having to be performance-ready, I dreaded getting sick and stuffed my face full of supplements at the slightest hint of a cold. (You get kind of high-maintenance as a singer, since sick=can't sing=canceling gigs=no payment.) I used to swear by Zicam, until I read about people permanently losing their sense of smell as a result of shooting zinc up their nosies. And you know what? I don't think any of that stuff helped me get over a cold more quickly, though maybe it reassured me that I was being proactive. This time around, being relaxed and pragmatic, sleeping a lot, eating whole foods, and using my beloved neti pot are all doing the trick and I should be back in fighting shape in no time.

I'm sure there's some lesson here about not getting fussed that I can apply to the rest of my life.


  1. I keep hearing about the neti pot but am scared. Can you provide a testimonial? (Or have you already and I missed it)

  2. Laurie! Don't be afraid! I will totally provide a detailed and gross testimonial, just like I did with the Diva Cup.

  3. Sweet. I forgot you love the diva cup. As I also love it, I shall perhaps follow your neti pot example.