Thursday, May 29, 2008

Reading material.

If you don't already read Salon or Jezebel, and whether or not you have read the Emily Gould piece about oversharing online in the NYT Magazine, and also if you have been blasted with Sex and the City movie hype, and most especially also if you are concerned about women writers and double standards, allow me to recommend Rebecca Traister's piece about most of the things I just listed. It's a good, pithy article (and short, unlike Emily Gould's 10-pager). And the excerpt below sums up my basic feeling about SATC:
What provokes such fury, over Carrie Bradshaw, and -- for a flash -- over Gould (barring a book deal and TV show that will turn her meanderings into cultural furniture) is that in a media landscape in which there are a severely limited number of spaces for women's writing voices, the ones that get tapped become necessarily, and deeply inaccurately, emblematic -- of their gender, their generation, their profession. More annoying -- and twisted -- is that those meager spots for women are consistently filled by those willing to expose themselves, visually and emotionally. And not accidentally, by those willing to expose themselves in a way that is comfortable, and often alluring, to many of the men who control the media, and to many of the women who consume it.

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