Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sing out loud, sing out strong.

Oh man. I just whipped up some Chipotle Mac and Cheese and I am having such a passionate affair with my dinner plate right now. It's a good thing I only make this stuff every two months.

The BFS's birthday was yesterday and some of us convened to celebrate, but we will also be convening on Tuesday night to do karaoke in honor of her birth. The rule for that night, apparently, is that you can only sing a song you've never karaoked before, and I'm baffled. At one point I was keeping a little word file of things I might/should sing at karaoke and very recently I deleted it because I thought "you are an idiot for having this." But now I wish I hadn't.

So what should I sing, internets? I'll tell you what's off-limits, based on my past karaoke stints:
Patsy Cline: "Crazy"
Justin T-lake: "Cry Me a River"
The Cardigans: "Lovefool"
Gloria Gaynor: "I Will Survive"
Queen: "Another One Bites the Dust"
Young MC: "Bust a Move"
B-52s: "Love Shack"
Wham: "Everything She Wants"
Cheap Trick: "I Want You to Want Me"
Deee-lite: "Groove is in the Heart"
Atlantic Starr: "Always" (obviously)
Hall & Oates: "Sara Smile," "I Can't Go for That" (oooh, I can sing a LOT more Hall & Oates)
Most of Madonna's catalogue
And others I'm forgetting.

I tell you, what I really want to sing is "Cool it Now" by New Edition, but I'm not sure I'm going to find that on any karaoke list. This particular DJ is really good, though, so maybe he'll have my back. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Ok, here are my requests:
    -Your Kiss Is On My List (since you requested more H&O)
    -After All, by Cher and Peter Cetera (you would sing both parts)
    -8th Wonder, by the Sugarhill Gang
    -Superstar, by the Carpenters
    -Jolene, Dolly Parton OR Jack White version
    -Luca, by Suzanne Vega

  2. Here are some great, great recommendations for your karaoke madness:

    - "Renegade" -- Styx
    - "Solitary Man" -- Neil Diamond
    - "Hard to Handle" -- Otis Redding
    - "Get Right Back to Where We Started From" -- Maxine Nightingale
    - "Dream On" -- Aerosmith
    - "Don't Stop Believing" --Journey

    Or, the ultimate crowd-pleaser:

    "Ghostbusters" -- Ray Parker, Jr.

  3. Vio, I knew you would come through. Renegade is at the top of my list, but how in the hell do you get it started? Actually I might have perfect pitch for that particular song. I will have to practice that one, or at least listen at the gym.

    If I sang Dream On I think my throat would explode. But Ghostbusters! Yess!

    Melinda, the sad thing about After All is that I probably know all the words and both vocal parts. Not because I WANT to, you understand.

  4. OK, that chipotle mac and cheese sounds awesome. It's now officially added to my "to eat" list.