Monday, May 12, 2008


Okay CHEATERS. See how you googled all your trivia answers and you STILL didn't win? We knew "funambulist." And we knew "Frostbite Falls." And the "Four Quartets." And we knew other things that did not begin with the letter F, like how basketball is the most popular sport in Lithuania (that knowledge was mine, thanks to an ex-boyf). All this is to say that WE WON and BOOTIE QUEEN IS BACK.

Also I posted recipes and financial whatnots today.

Also Summit Maibock is quite strong. The Brit says it makes people hallucinate and I believe him.

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  1. I also believe the Brit. Last night was a blur - probably due to our sweet victory AND the Maibock. Yeah for the Germans and their wondrous brewing influence!