Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Where every seat is a nosebleed seat.

I got a nosebleed today, which probably hasn't happened in 20 years. I was playing the piano when it started, too, which made it extra-dramatic, though there was no blood on the keys or anything.

Hours later, I'm still sitting here with tissue stuffed up my nose because, as you may remember, I have a cold and I am still snotty and it is almost impossible not to blow my nose. And if I blow my nose the nosebleed will start over and I will have to go to the school nurse just like skinny little bleeders in elementary school.


  1. This is bad PR for the neti pot. I suggest a cover up.

  2. No kidding! It's a bad coincidence, but let me assure you all that there is no causal link between flushing my nose and busting my nose capillaries, or whatever it is that happened.