Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fiesta forever.

Last weekend, my family hosted a cookout that I failed to blog about because after I uploaded a whole wack of photos I suppose I felt that I had already done my documentary duty. If you look at the pictures, though, you'll basically just come to the conclusion that there was no cookout, only Willa. Only 6 month old fat babylegs.


There were a few other things of note, however, like my brother's new girlfriend, who had the nads to come over and meet the entire family, even though my brother wasn't there (she lives in NY; he's soon to be in Nashville; they're both from here, and have known each other since childhood). And also there was the following bit of dialogue that has been cracking me up all week:

Jude: Come in! It's a fiesta!
Maven: Awesome!
Jude: [confidentially] "Fiesta" is a China word for "party."

I laughed really hard, apologized for laughing, and then corrected his etymology. Oh Jude.

There's more cookout scheduled for today--tis the season!--so I shall provide further documentary services later. Right now I have to drink more coffee, make a rice salad of some description, and go for a little run.


  1. R just went to Nashville on business this week and he said, "Wendell, we HAVE to come back here!" Apparently everyone is really friendly and there's tons of stuff to do.

    Willa is extra cute.

  2. I'm glad you stepped in, Miss, because everyone should know that "fiesta" is a JAPAN word for "party."