Monday, June 16, 2008

I know, it's been sort of quiet in the wake of my near-daily posting in May. I do, however, have posts brewing (i.e. in crappy drafts) on the following:
-The Outlander series.
-Feminist blogs.

I've photographed and measured and even written descriptions for 5 dresses for my shop, but haven't posted them.

I have a PILE of crap to type up on my desk--meeting minutes and whatnot--but I have to go to another meeting in a few minutes, so nothing is going to get typed.

I forgot to eat the avocado that I specifically bought this morning to top my Snobby Joe chipotle vegan sausage green bean melange. Now it lolls on my desk near the to-type pile, right next to a very spankable apricot. Don't tell me you've never thought an apricot or a peach looked like a rosy creased bum.

My entire commute was straight into the wind this morning. I have to ride six miles to another meeting after work, and then nine miles home. Please keep your fingers crossed that the wind does not reverse itself to blow into my grille on the rest of my rides. I am only about 150 miles into my bike commuting career and my legs might give out.

I bought $90 running shoes yesterday. They did not make me go any faster.

Also, happy Father's Day to my dad. He asked for scotch and manure for a gift. Whiskey-n-shit.
My dad was big fat 20 years old.


  1. oh my jebus lord, you are so dang CUTE in that bonnet!

  2. So, so, SOOOOOO cute! You look like a doll. Also, your brother looks just like your dad, and Em definitely has his cheeks.

  3. Also your Dad's outfit/hair is totally back in style.

    Isn't that the case with new running shoes? You think they will be like running on pillows or clouds, but really, they are just more firm and running still hurts.

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That photo is AWESOME!

  5. You're sooooo cute! A little Holly Hobby!