Saturday, June 07, 2008


I am just informally polling here to find out who among you might be acquainted with the term "piefinger." It's like having a green thumb, except with pie.

I'm asking because my sister Em was anointed with the term by some customer in the boxcar diner she worked in one summer in PA. "Who made this pie?" the woman demanded. When Em admitted she'd done it, the woman said, "You have piefinger," like some weird soothsayer.

I think the term is hilarious and perfect. I commissioned Em to make a pie for the Brit's birthday and I was relaying this tale to some friends and a dude from WI did not bat an eyelash when I said "piefinger." A dude from North St Paul wondered what the hell I was talking about, and the Brit only knew about it because I keep bringing up "piefinger."

So tell me, do they have piefinger where you come from?

(I am eating the fruits of Em's labors right now, and it's true: she has piefinger. Her pastry is perfect, and it is humid today, AND she was in a rush.)


  1. I have never heard of piefinger, although I hope to be one.

    What kind of pie did Em make, and also happy birthday to the Brit!

  2. in mississippi, louisiana, alabama, and south carolina i have never heard of piefinger.

  3. Never heard the term. It sounds extremely sexual to me. But maybe I have a sick mind.

  4. Right. It does have that kind of icky overtone which was why it was extra startling to hear coming from this withered old woman. I'm glad the pie worked out. (Wendell -it was apple with sour cherry, lemon curd, and green cardamom. The Brit like apple, but it's more cherry season now.)