Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Chicks for free.

Wow, so, one week into July, I've already failed at daily posting. Not that surprising, what with the houseguests and not loafing around on the internets quite as much as usual. I've been too busy trying to make sure that we eat the entire contents of our CSA box before the next pickup date (today). Let me tell you, even a half share of lettuce is quite demanding. Our workplace farmers' market also starts today, and I won't be able to help going outside to check it out and I will probably buy things, especially berry things, if there are any. Allegedly they are giving out free tote bags too, and who am I to turn down a free tote?

I got my gubmint check on Monday, finally. Even though I think the premise behind these checks is bogus, there is something very pleasing about getting money for nothin. Similarly (yet completely differently), my credit card company sent me a bunch of "convenience checks" with the first one conveniently made out to me in the amount of $5000. It is amazing to think that someone might actually use such a thing, though I suppose if you just needed a super cheap loan for a year it would be worthwhile. I've been sitting here wondering if there are any ways to flip that money and make it work for me during the time there's 0% interest on it, but with the 3% cash advance charge I don't really think there is. Funneling some of it into my student loan would save me like $18, and putting the money in a CD right now would only get me about $37 when all was said and done. Feh. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Speaking of money things, I have put witchyobrokeass on hiatus because I clearly wasn't posting to it and could clearly just as easily post yobrokeass-related topics on this here blog. Take, for example, the following topic: I just read about this thing today and cannot vouch for it at all, but it seems like a pretty slick idea: allow fundraisers to set up their own pages to raise money for non-profits, and funnel the money raised directly to the non-profit in question. You can set up a page for a special event, or have a page for ongoing fundraising, or whatever. Neither the organization itself nor the fundraisers have to do any of the administration associated with fundraising--Firstgiving takes a cut, but it seems pretty reasonable. You'll be hearing more about this from me in the future, most likely, because I'm involved god help me in grantwriting for an opera (yes that's me in the picture) that's being commissioned and produced based entirely on the percolating ideas and do-itness of a producer friend of mine (and the various teams he assembles). We only have to come up with like $85K.

Another thing I could post on witchyobrokeass if it were still operational is something that harnesses the power of social networking to do good in the world, sort of like Zopa, which I've posted about before. I got an email forward over the weekend about a site I'd been meaning to check out for like a year,, and I finally joined up. Turns out the people behind it are all people I know, which is very appropriate given that the point of the site is to build community and benefit organizations that share your values. For $20, you can buy a subscription for a year, post as many ads for goods and/or services as you'd like, and benefit the nonprofit of your choice with 70% of your fee. As soon as I have an ad to post, I'll most definitely subscribe. But it's free to join up, and I've done that already. This type of service will work best when lots of people join up, so all you Twin Citians should probably holla at Buy the Change, or at least read about it.


  1. Is Colin Hirdman somehow behind Buythechange? or am I just imagining that. Also, in the picture in the Lady Smith promo I imagine you are looking out talking to Katie, your window friend.

    so jealous you got to pose in that outfit.

  2. Oh--the opera thing--very exciting!!

  3. Hello All,
    This is Colin Hirdman and yes I am a co-founder of buythechange with Josh Becerra and Zack Steven.

    Thank you so much for mentioning buythechange and for so eloquently explaining how it works!

    To everyone else - we hope you'll take a minute to visit our site and sign up if you're so inclined. Feel free to send us any questions or comments as well. Thanks!