Sunday, July 13, 2008

I wish I was special.

I can't really apologize for not blogging the past few days, because truly, I'm not sorry that I spent the days outdoors instead of computer-bound. Friday was legitimately miserable, about 900 degrees and 500 percent humidity, with gusting winds from the south right when I needed to bike in that direction. My entire commute home on Friday was consumed with thoughts of how much it sucked, how I don't ever want to do anything competitive on bicycle because what if it's a day like that, and how I just needed to keep going because what else was I going to do, stop? It didn't help that I was wearing a maxi dress tied in a knot between my knees and then hiked up as far as possible for the most airflow. When I got home I more or less collapsed and probably should have hydrated intravenously.

HOWEVER. There was a thunderstorm that night, and then Saturday and today were completely brilliant and perfect. Windy and sunny and not too hot--exactly the kind of day you want to lie in the grass and have a nap under a tree. I didn't do that, though. Instead I tried to undo my very stupid tanlines by applying sunscreen only to the previously burned bits and then I did yardwork. We'll see how it all turns out. The only reason I am even a little bit concerned about the appearance of my back is that I am going to not one but TWO belated receptions for long-ago weddings this week: one for the Brit's sister, whose immigration took longer than anyone could have imagined, and one for my friend who's been living in Amsterdam but is with family in Wisco until August. I don't know what I'm wearing for these events, but it's likely I will end up in some sort of summer dress that exposes my SPF-related folly. I would like to look like less of a tool if at all possible; hence the backskin-wrangling.

The second of the wedding receptions is requiring a whirlwind trip clear to the other side of Wisconsin next weekend. I think I booked the last available room in Sheboygan for Saturday night. I am not joking even a little bit when I say that every hotel up in that piece was full up. I'll be spending Saturday a) driving b) getting my fill of my friend's new baby and c) having swank dinner at the reception. Sunday I hope to hit a few thrift stores and have a leisurely drive back to the TCs. It'll be nice time avec moi-meme and a good test-drive for my car, which is slated to trek to Montana in just a few weeks. The mechanics say there's nothing wrong with it, so I'm going to go ahead and believe them.

I'm already at that point in the summer when I know it's getting away from me and it's going to end.

Tonight Henry and Jude both wished on a star: Jude wished for superpowers, and Henry earnestly wished that "life could change and kids could have permanent tattoos."


  1. I feel you on the mid-summer thing.

    Those nephews of yours are hilarious.

  2. I think if you combined the wishes of your two nephews, you'd have what the Jew wishes for EVERY night :)

  3. a silly question i dont think i asked-- how long is your commute?

    good luck with the backskin, sounds like a pickle. this is an excellent excuse to try wearing a salwar kameez to a wedding, if it's the kind of place where you can get away with that.


  4. Patrick, it's about 6.5 miles one way, depending on which route I take.

  5. I know what you mean about summer. I wish I could just slow it down somehow and savor it even more.