Thursday, July 10, 2008


Just one reason why Obama's recent comments on late-term abortions have raised so much concern in the pro-choice world. (ETA: I fixed the link; sorry for my ineptitude; the link was THE ENTIRE PURPOSE of my post.)

Also, I've been meaning to point this out, but I come across many notable or linkworthy posts in my net travels, and rather than say "hey read this" I've just been sharing them on my Google reader share site. Some of the blogs I read are password-protected and not shareable, and some of you jerks are still using diaryland and don't have RSS feeds. Aside from that, if you're interested in seeing the posts that stand out the most day-to-day, click on my little link at right. I've shared the story I linked above there as well.


  1. Dude- Your linked is fracked, but it doesn't matter anyway (in my case at least). If I'm honest, Obama was never my tender cup o'tea the way Kucinich was. Sure, voting for a brown person is exciting to me, shallow as that is. I also thought he ran a smarter campaign than any of the other Dems. But in the end, it doesn't surprise me in the least that there's yet another reason why he's disappointing.

    Of course, there's that whole thing where we've been sheltered too long, hanging out with vegetarians, homosexuals and vagrants (not to mention free-thinking women). Maybe we should incorporate some neo-cons/idiots into our circle of friends just to remind us that we're not the normal ones.

  2. Well, I'm sure y'all already know that I'm a proud Obama kool-aid drinker from way back in the day. And a proud (equity, not identity) feminist. And someone who became a mother at 18. And the bearer of a mostly worthless philosophy BA.

    All of that to preface this: I've got lots of serious moral and ethical qualms about abortion in general and late-term abortion specifically. And there's nothing that makes me more depressed than people who are glib absolutists on this most complex of issues. I've given it a lot of serious consideration, and I just can't fathom how anyone who is intellectually honest could actually purport to be in full-fledged favor of late-term abortion in any but the most life-or-death situations. Not you, specifically, MH, although I can't see what you originally linked to. But like those cretinous Jezebel bitches who think that shit is nothing but fodder for one-liners? Who take pride in being oblivious to the moral dimension of it? That shit plunges me into serious, serious despair.

  3. Michelle, I hope you have a minute to read the linked story now that I've fixed it. "Mental distress" is completely subjective and a massive component of situations such as the one described in the article.

    As for the ladies of Jezebel, I think most of the shit they do is pure posturing.

    Poundpapi, you are so right about the political makeup of our circle--mostly. But we got some pro-lifers and republicans up in here, too, and that's been a little eye-opening.

  4. Well I feel bad for those people- who would knowingly hang out with us and be a republican pro-lifer?

    Sounds like frickin torture, lolz. I'm not sure if I would submit myself to the corresponding angst.

    Michelle- as for absolutist bobbleheads, yeah, I feel you on that. It's clear that they rarely add anything useful to discussions like these. As for the late-term abortions and abortions in general: it's never really about being 'in favor' of them, is it?

  5. The problem with laws like this is that there are always exceptions to every rule and stories like this woman's abound. Clearly, this woman wanted her baby - and lived with the sad loss of her child. As poundpapi said, it's not about being in "favor" of it - it is about allowing the woman to have the choice - and not have to undergo 4 more months of carrying a child that will not survive...or the mother developing an infection herself.

    As I've said all along, Obama is WAY more moderate than we all wanted to believe. I support him and I think he's said some really inspiring things, but he's not totally along my political lines.

    Kucinich, arise! :)