Friday, July 04, 2008

Man, I hate to get all like I'm waving my cane and shouting "damn kids," but when did shorts get so damn short again? And do you really look at a pair of these cheek-skimmers on the rack and think "yes empirically that is a really cute piece of clothing, and not only that but it will be very very comfortable to wear and will look very cute on"? I can't imagine that, but granted, I don't wear shorts, ever, and really haven't since...I can't actually remember the last time I wore shorts. The advent of the pedal-pusher-capri-whatever length has been a real boon to me.

So that's one thing I've been thinking about on this special holiday.

At the moment my brain is pretty much consumed with my sunburn, though--both its ache and my stupidity in smearing on my sunblock without due diligence, such that I have like four blotchy patches of sunburn on my back, including my waistline. The worst part is that I actually have a buttfloss strap burn line because I was working bent over in the backyard and my pants tended to migrate in the grand tradition of plumbers everywhere.

The upshot is that the yard looks very good, but my back does not.


  1. I never ever wear shorts either. Or flip-flops or sandals really - peep-toes and mary-janes, yes. People who do wear shorts - my Mom - are always asking "aren't you hot? how about some shorts?" Long live capris!

  2. The only shorts I wear are ones I steal from the man o' the house. That is, long and baggy and awful looking on my body. But at least they cover up my legs. No flip flops for me either, but I do wear Chacos.

    Thank you for this edition of How to be a Rookie. Speedy recovery.

  3. Those shorts are ridiculous and insulting. Just skip the shorts and wear your chones if we're gonna be like that. In NY, I couldn't believe how many girls wore 4" heels with the shorts. Just walking around the bumpy streets and subways like nothing.

    I wear a pair of boxers around the house, and I have a couple pair of stylish shorts that hit at the knee. That's it for me on the shorts tip. But flip flops? I'm all about the flip flops especially since I bought a pair designed by a podiatrist that shapes to my foot. I love them so.