Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More lazy photoblogging.

But so, so worth it:
Oh man. Dad in 1973.
That's my daddy.

(Pardon funky cropping. I love the shape and paper texture of those photos from the 70s, but they're hard to capture with a scanner and a SLOW ASS COMPUTER. Also, don't you think this photo is begging to be captioned? Or at least album-titled? Please have at it in the comments.)

(Also also, my dad has a flickr page. Hee.)


  1. Oh, I recognize that. It's the critically acclaimed debut album from El Descamisado, "Soul-kissing My Mellow."

  2. "Come on, bro, I asked not to be distur--hey, are those Cheetos?"

  3. Can't beat your sister's caption, but I love the photo. 'Minds me of my uncle, in good ways.