Monday, July 07, 2008

We like to sing: a photo essay.

Apparently there is now only one acceptable birthday activity and that is singing karaoke.

If there is a person who needs to be in a band it is my sister Em:
She's rocking, but what is she rocking?
She almost threw down with the dudes who managed to squeak in with Queen's "Somebody to Love" just before her name came up with the same song. The dudes weren't bad, though. While they were singing, the Brit and I simultaneously had the righteous feeling that we should be listening to Queen on our entire ride to Montana next month.

BIL did a prayerful rendition of "Creep." He really likes songs that have a bit of falsetto action.
I don't belong here.
During most of this performance, the Brit cavorted around the front of the stage, pretending to weep soulfully.

The Brit broke on through to the other side:
No literally, he broke on through.
This awakened the interest of every wanky 19 year old boy for miles, especially the ones who were in the bar with fake IDs.

The birthday girl got a little bit serious with "Crazy for You." She did this same thing on her 30th birthday, which is when we discovered this place, if you can really "discover" a place to which hundreds of 21 year olds swarm at 11:30 PM, in order to "rap" their favorite Snoop Dogg joints. I can't think of anything less entertaining than a bunch of suburban adolescents badly rapping, giggling, and grinding on a karaoke stage, but there we were.
Busting out the stage props.

Bill got the posey hand when he sang:
It was either Jacko or Stevie Wonder or possibly disco.
The Brit later suggested that he sounded a little bit like Tay Zonday singing "Rock With You," which maybe isn't accurate but is pretty damn funny. He in fact nailed all of the high stuff, and when I told him so he said "Really? it hurt like hell" through hysterical laughter. (The morning after Lord and Lady Cupcake's wedding a few years back, those of us who went and sang at the karaoke reception enjoyed saying things like "dude, my nodes are really killing me today. I think I jacked up my node last night." This is maybe only funny to professional singers.)

Anyway, too late Bill and I both realized that we should be singing disco. I don't know why I've never sung Thelma Houston's version of "Don't Leave Me This Way" (though I have done "I Will Survive," because it's unavoidable, especially if you like to help other people who want to sing but don't want to stand up there alone). Next time, suckers. This time it was standbys Queen and Wham which apparently made me do this:
If my best isn't good enough, then how can it be good enough for two?

Trala, trala.


  1. I have a little tear in my eye from laughing! Hilarious.

  2. Oh this is SO my favorite post of July (and not just because I am in it) but because I want to re-live that karaoke feeling every day of my life.

  3. i lUUUUUUUUUUUrve the photo documentary!