Saturday, August 02, 2008

You are here.

I'm blogging at you from Glendive, Montana, which means that I decided to go ahead and bring a laptop along on my rustic vacation. If nothing else, it will enable me to get pictures off my camera as I take them, and since I'll apparently have access to a wireless signal when we're in camp, that means I'll be posting photos to flickr just about every day I'm gone, even if I'm not giving you blog-style updates.

Glendive is all about the dinosaurs. We're going to Makoshika State Park in a bit to check out some dino bones and break in my new boots. I am a little bit tempted to go to the creationist dinosaur museum, but I think I would have a hard time not scoffing audibly. I can't find anything about it on the interwebs, but our hosts here at the B & B said that there was one in addition to the regular paleontology museum. Have mercy.

Anyway, we walked around town last night, fending off clouds of gnats, checking out the depressed and boarded-up and vandalized businesses, and could not help but take note of the dino sculptures and murals everywhere you look. Even the courthouse boasts a painted t-rex munching a bloody carcass in its front hall. Let that be a warning to offenders. As we walked, a pair of soggy teenagers carrying innertubes, fresh out of the Yellowstone River, pleasantly said howdy and offered us a beer from their duffel bag.

In short, there's not much going on here, but the accommodations are awesome.

It was 105 degrees yesterday, and today won't be much cooler. After the state park, I want to hit Terry, MT, home of 19th century Wild West photographer Evelyn Cameron, who sounds like an amazing character. Then we're off to meet up with my folks along the Boulder River. It won't be quite as comfortable tonight, since we'll be sleeping on the ground, but we'll have the sound of the river right next to us. I'll report when I can.


  1. OMG, I totally want to look at dino-related stuff. Where is that park that has like, the wall of fossils or something?

    Can't wait to see your photos! Have fun.

  2. God dammit, I covet that gold disco halter top but cannot make up my mind about buying it.

  3. you guys should shoot a movie there. please take a picture of the dino town hall for me. or take a picture in front of it, album cover style.

  4. I found the creationist dinosaur museum:

    You MUST go and try not to snicker too loudly. : )