Monday, September 22, 2008

Money for something.

Yesterday in church as I was fumbling around for my wallet to slap a little money in the collection plate, the minister explained that the plates were actually full of envelopes for us, that each household should take one and open it up and use the money in the envelope to have a discussion about how to use what you have in order to make a difference in your community--how to line up your money with your values. And then she said that we should get creative with the money and let them know what we did with it.

So then they passed plates, amid quite a lot of excited burbling in the congregation, and gave away $10,000 over the course of the three services. There was $20 in each envelope. So now I'm asking you, what should I do with this money? And bear in mind that I have access to a lot of other people who got a twenty on Sunday, and that we could pool our resources to do something more exciting.


  1. Personally, I would go to Petsmart and buy a bunch of high quality cat and dog food and then drop it off at the Humane Society. They always need food and they'll usually post the brand names of what they use on their website. I can't wait to hear what you do. :)

  2. oooh, I love it. There's the Kiva route of course - - with it's micro-loans goodness. But there is so much else...I'm going to think on it but I can't wait to hear what you and yours do.

  3. The food shelves are totally hurting right now, and more people are using them all the time. It might not be a very exciting idea, but it's exciting for the parents who need to feed their kids to have a few more options.

    Actually, that kind of inspires me to do something myself.

  4. Your church is badass.

    What about exploring the whole "matching grant" idea? You could pick a cause (I vote buying grocery store vouchers and/or diapers for a domestic violence shelter) and then call around locally to see which stores will be willing to match your $20. Might suck some time away but could be cool to see how much you can grow that 20 bucks.

    Or you could just donate it to NARAL in Sarah Palin's name.

  5. the folks at st. martin's table have lots of great resources for food outlets (the one last month or the month before was getting organic food into the hands of the needy which I think is awesome). I like the humane society idea too. but donating to a cause seems less creative. you have $20 to use what you have. So what do you have? What does your community need most? Can you use that $20 to buy food to lure people together to help make a real, tangible change? I feel so new to my current neighborhood that I don't know what it truly needs. Maybe a community garden?
    Or what about using that money to buy supplies to make & sell something to raise awareness or just bring in more than $20 to make a difference? I like the idea of bringing people together the best but I am at a loss for how to really do that in a meaningful, impact-ful way.

  6. That is a fascinating idea. You could always go the pay it forward route and give it to someone down and out after extracting a promise that (s)he will pass it on ...