Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick hits.

Tomorrow is the deadline to comment on the proposed Health and Human Services regulation that purports to protect religious freedom of health care providers. In reality, the regulation would effectively allow health care providers and anyone who could potentially come into contact with a patient to refuse to do anything to which they morally object. Reproductive Health Reality Check has much more on this if you haven't been following it, but the really important thing is the first thing I said: tomorrow is the last day to submit your objections to the proposed regulation, which have the potential to block access to basic reproductive health services. The easiest way to do this is to visit the ACLU site set up for the purpose. Tell everyone you know and hit them up before 5 PM on Thursday.

I think there was some other important thing that I was going to link at you, but now I can remember what it was. It may have been that thing about going to Ohio to help register voters, since 2.25 million Ohio residents did not vote in the 2004 election, but I can't put my hands on the link. I'll update tomorrow. Basically, if you have the time and want to volunteer, they can put you up until the election. Early voting starts September 30 and continues right on through election time. (UPDATE: Here it is, at America Votes.)

Also, my sister wrote a fictional "where are they now" based on the idea that the original members of the Baby-sitters Club would now be 35 years old. I was just barely young enough to read Baby-sitters Club books when they first came out; if you were younger still, you will totally appreciate Em's post.

Here is my assistant, assisting me.


  1. I am very surprised that there are people in other states coming to Ohio to set up shop and get out the vote.

    as a resident of Ohio who just recently turned 19.. I can honestly say that I am beyond excited to be able to vote in the upcoming election, and can't BELIEVE anyone would not want to vote in an important swing state such as Ohio...

    but I guess I'm glad that there are people trying to get the vote out in Ohio..

    Point of my post-- thanks for posting the link :-)

  2. I love your cat SO MUCH. What a good assistant!

  3. That is some fine desk-grasping he's doing, there.

  4. BFS: notice bitchtastic in the background. Also, nice headshot.

  5. Thanks for the health & human services info. I'll try and get my hb to submit his objections (I feel sort of weird commenting on a US regulation as a non-citizen. I sure wouldn't want neo-con Americans putting their 2 cents into my election!).