Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Soda jerk.

Do you know The Knowledge for Thirst? It's a beverage review blog that is very funny. I liked this bit from today's post:
Posting an opinion of something on the internet is the karmic equivalent of shouting into the ear of your very deaf great grand-aunt at Thanksgiving, who does not remember your name, and who is more likely to accuse you of trying to steal her purse then ever pass the sweet potatoes.


  1. I got into this website when I was stalking Joshua Allen/Fireland. Very funny.

  2. That's how I found it too! Because of you stalking fireland. So I put it on my feed reader even though it hadn't been updated in years, and I was so delighted when a new post appeared last week or whenever it was.

  3. I found the site a while back right around when they took a long-ass hiatus. Which hurt my feelings.

    I'm so glad they're updating again.