Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zombie feminism.

Another excellent piece of writing from Rebecca Traister at Salon, on "Zombie feminists of the RNC": How did Sarah Palin become a symbol of women's empowerment? And how did I, a die-hard feminist, end up terrified at the idea of a woman in the White House?

Maybe I'm just overtired, but I got teary-eyed at the end of the article, when Traister implicates liberals in the whole Palin debacle:
For while it may chafe to hear Rudy Giuliani and John McCain hold forth on the injustice of gender bias, what really burns is that we never heard a peep or squawk or gurgle of this nature from anyone in the Democratic Party during the entire 100 years Hillary Clinton was running for president, while she was being talked about as a pantsuited, wrinkly old crone and a harpy ex-wife and a sexless fat-thighed monster and an emasculating nag out for Tucker Carlson's balls. Only after she was good and gone did Howard Dean come out of his cave to squeak about the amount of sexist media bias Clinton faced...Which leads us to my greatest nightmare: that because my own party has not cared enough, or was too scared, to lay its rightful claim to the language of women's rights, that Sarah Palin will reach historic heights of power, under the most egregious of auspices, by plying feminine wiles, and conforming to every outdated notion of what it means to be a woman. That she will hit her marks by clambering over the backs, the bodies, the rights of the women on whose behalf she claims to be working, and that she will do it all under the banner of feminism. How can anybody sleep?


  1. As much as all of this has made me blindingly angry - so angry that I'm terrified - it has fired me up politically like I don't think I've been before. And I'm going with it. I'm thinking that if WhatsHerName hadn't come along, maybe many of us would have stayed quiet and subdued and politely political; grumbling among our intelligent friends only. We free thinkers are certainly a decent bunch. But the misfortune that is Sarah Palin has fired up everyone I know. I've haven't seen such a surge of young feminism in decades. We've become more vocal, more not willing to put up with this horseshit. We're fighting, finally. More volunteering and donating and emphasizing how urgent it is to vote this time. If there was ever a time, it's gotta be this time.

    I'll take this as the glass is half full, even though I’m still terrified, but I'll be damned if that fucking WhatsHerName is taking this glass, or anything else, away from me or my daughters.

  2. New York magazine had a huge article about how Hillary's candidacy revealed just how far we *haven't* come. It's just unfortunate that the Democrats didn't come out and say it, too. For once, the media made an astute observation.

    That said, if there *is* a surge of young feminism, maybe it took Palin to get it going. Maybe it takes a backwards woman to shake the forward-thinking women out of their complacency.

    Oh crikey, I can see the headlines now: Presidential Election Becomes Catfight.

  3. Happy birthday, fabulous lady! I keep forgetting you and my niece have the same good day. Have a great one. Sorry to do it in blog comments. XO.

  4. This whole Palin thing is crazy. I couldn't care less about her apparent lack of political experience (she can take a briefing as well as the next politician, I suspect) but
    I do care about her lack of world experience and her shockingly retrograde views. From drilling in ANWAR to hunting from airplanes to her pro-life/pro-family (whatever THAT means) stance on the world...ach...this is one politican I hope doesn't see the White House. Do me proud, Americans, vote for the smart, progressive, intellectual guy running at least slightly left of centre.

  5. What kills me is how much "our people" are getting sucked into this. I've become a SP junkie. I love to hate her. I love to watch her flub the messages that she memorized while sequestered at the World Politics Crash Course (which is where she must have been since the nomination). But yes, a fire has been lit. I just sent NARAL a big check and am looking for an environmental/alternative energy group to support, so if anyone can recommend one, let me know.

    This while situation is so scary and sickening.

  6. a. Indeed, it is hard to swallow.

    B. Belated happy birthday!