Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Debating games.

I'm pretty relieved that I'm going to be in rehearsal during the debates tomorrow night, but for those of you planning to watch/cringe, these Palin Bingo cards could make things a little bit more entertaining for you.

In other news, we went to see Beck last night. He was rad.

In other other news, we might get up and go jogging before work. This will depend entirely on my ability to get cheerleaderish first thing in the morning. Spare a thought for me.

UPDATE: Fail. The successfully executing a morning run is part of a campaign to convince the Brit that exercising before work will probably change his life. But man I love my burrow at 7 AM. Why is bed so warm and nice in the morning? Why do I enjoy lounging in it even if I am awake? I did bike today though. In a ludicrous outfit.


  1. I have been attempting pre-work runs as well but the fact is, it's too dark. well except for today it wasn't, but today I didn't feel like it and that's the problem with running.

  2. That Palin bingo card is hilarious. If watching Palin make an ass of herself (I almost feel sorry for her) is too much for you to take, you could try and tune in the CBC and watch the Canadian English language leaders debate. We are getting our politics on tonight too.

    Oh - love Beck. Hope you made a run in the morning. That is so not in my ability to do.

  3. I spared a thought for you... did it work? Or help?

    Anyway, thanks for the card link. I'm cringing in advance.

  4. As distasteful as it is, I do actually enjoy my runs at o-dark--skunks and raccoons notwithstanding!

  5. The Palin Bingo cards rule. I want nothing more than to make my students use them in my government class.