Saturday, October 18, 2008

Etsy shop update.

I added some new stuff to my Etsy shop and marked down a bunch of old stuff.
I also spent my Friday night making drawstring bags. Why yes, I AM a dork, since you were wondering. The basement has recently been transformed into a functional workspace after a painting/revamping project that dragged on for years, and I now have a sewing pod. I was going through my fabric stash and wondering how I ended up with so much stuff, and decided to use some of it up by whipping up gift bags. This gave me a chance to practice French seams and free-form cutting.

If you order something from my shop, it'll arrive packed in one of these bags. Then instead of buying wrapping paper for birthdays and holidays, you can just reuse the bag and pass it on.

Unfortunately I now want to stay in my sewing pod and we have orchestra tickets tonight. I suppose I should take a shower.


  1. I'm envying your life a bit at the moment.

  2. Red coat of can you give it away? You should wear it everywhere! Swimming, even.

  3. Oh man, if I kept all the things I love, I'd be crazy junk lady. The main reason I have a shop is so that I can keep thrift-shopping without being buried alive in 70s maxi-dresses.