Monday, October 13, 2008


Here are two new habits I've adopted recently:

1. Washing my lunch dishes at the office. This is so much better than bringing home my crusty Mr. Bento to be dealt with later. In my case "later" usually means "next time I need to pack lunch," at which point: ew.

2. Doing countertop and/or wall push-ups every time I go to the bathroom at work. This is my favorite one because it sounds so ridiculous. But our bathroom is a large one-seater and thanks to a healthy fluid intake, I'm in there frequently. If I do ten or twenty push-ups every time I'm in there, it's going to add up. Hopefully I won't break the counter in the process.

Tell me some of yours.

Also, tell me if you've ever used a soy milk maker. I've had about enough of all these cartons.


  1. I don't think you need a soy milk maker, per say. I believe you can just boil it up & strain it yourself if you want to try making it before you commit to the maker. My understanding is that it's like buying an ice tea maker. Would you find a way to supplement it by adding calcium stuff or anything? I've thought a long time about making soy milk. Actually, I think there's a recipe in this vegan cookbook from The Farm in TN. The book might even be called something along the lines of "food from the farm" . . . I'll check tonight if I remember. The short term is a-goin'.

  2. 1. Crusty dishes were the bane of my existence at many a workplace. That is, the kitchenless workplaces. I tried to wash them in the bathroom with SoftSoap, but come on. So I biked home a lot with gross dishes in my backpack, or worse yet, left them in my car for months at a time.

    2. I used to do lunges while I faxed. Sorry I'm a fatass, everyone! Haven't been faxing!

    3. Wouldn't it be great if you could get soy (or in my case rice) milk refills at the grocery store? You're right about the cartons. Actually all food containers are freaking me out these days.

    4. That Farm cookbook is legendary. I think it's just called The Farm Cookbook.

    5. OK, here's a winner. I dust/sweep the bathroom floor with a ply or two of tissue while I'm on the toilet.

  3. I have the SoyBella soy milk maker and lord have mercy I don't think making the soy milk would be that easy without one. Economically, it's a dream; murders buying it in stores; however, what we are used to from a carton and what real soy milk tastes like is nearly a world apart. I'm sure what I make in the SoyBella is more what real soy milk is and what we buy is a processed bastardization of it. And the real stuff is gamey, yo, as in beany kinda nasty. If you go for it, I say soak them beans at least overnight and rub all the skins off every single bean.

    Ok, that all said, I use the SoyBella usually only for almond milk, which it whips up in one short minute after soaking raw almonds for about 2 hours. Add a little agave and a pinch of sea salt, maybe a lil vanilla and you have some unbelievable deliciousness. Contrary to the soy milk, fresh almond milk is a world apart from store-bought almond milk, but in a great way. Just use it within a couple days. To me the SoyBella has earned it's weight in gold with the nut milk alone.

  4. Marigoldie! I do #5 too! I mean why not. You're just sitting there.

    I will occasionally give the shower curtain a quick scrub while I'm taking a shower.

    Madness, I have made almond milk in the blender several times. It is damn good. I'll give this some thought.

  5. Well while we're being honest, the adhesive on a folded-up, about-to-be-discarded "feminine napkin" is also good at picking up dust and gunk off the bathroom floor.

  6. The back of a cleansing facial pad (Noxema or the like) can shine up the faucet after it has done its duty on the face. I tried to do lunges while waffles were toasting - it lasted only a few days.