Friday, October 03, 2008

So far, I am having one of those obscurely annoying days. It is probably made a bit worse by the fact that I romped all over yesterday and just check check checked things off my to-do list and felt rather invincible. But today, I cannot get started. People at work are sending me irritating emails and calling me in a tizzy about things I don't control. In my musical life, someone who emailed me a question two days ago and hadn't gotten an immediate response called my parents instead of calling me or trying again. Whaaa? And my to-do list, while marked with done-dids, is still quite long. I am glad it's Friday.

I biked again today and I think my face is windburned. It's about 40 degrees when I leave in the morning. At that temperature, the sun really isn't doing you any favors, and the windchill is an important factor. Of course, by the time I leave later today, I could be rolling my jeans up to my knees and wearing a tank top, like I did yesterday. But it's become clear that I need gloves and a neck gaiter. I'll have to dig around in the winter clothes this weekend and see what I've got. It's time to turn the wardrobe over, y'all.

Enough bellyaching. I have a squash-montrachet-veggie kielbasa risotto for lunch. That oughtta be worth something.


  1. i always chop off super cute (but worn out) tall socks and use them as arm warmers while biking. maybe you can fashion yourself something out of old socks/sweaters for fashionable biking accessories!

  2. Good point. I actually had to stop to put on an extra layer because my arms were surprisingly cold. And here I thought my trunk/gizzard was the important thing to cover up.

  3. 40 degrees! (And dropping I'm sure.) God bless you.