Thursday, November 06, 2008

Did you ever know that you're my hero?

Hi. It occurred to me after I noticed that Madness was comment-bombing people who worked in some way on this election that I should really stop and thank you, thank you, thank god for you, the wind beneath my wings. Seriously: to my friends who dropped fliers to help pass the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment in MN, to Madness who worked to pass Prop 2 in California, to Marigoldie for volunteering for Obama, to Kayemess who knocked on doors and opened up her house as a staging zone for Obama volunteers despite being an introvert!! and a Canadian!!!, to my friends who knocked on doors in Minneapolis, and to everyone else who wore a t-shirt or a button or slapped a bumper sticker on your car or bike and all those who I am forgetting to mention, thank you. You are inspiring and important and yes you can.


  1. Amen a million times. Thank you, friends, for helping to change the world.

  2. I second and third and fourth that sentiment. Thank you thank you.