Saturday, November 08, 2008

I just rolled back into town and I feel like it's about 2 AM (it is 9:30). Even though it was somewhat ridiculous to schedule this little out-of-town jaunt three days after returning from DC, I am so glad I did it. I reconnected with a friend and fellow teacher, who is also one of the funniest/least appropriate people I know, and I probably confused his reputation as Teh Gay by giggling and eating pizza in his hotel room for a few hours last night. I checked in with all of the colleagues with whom I'll be teaching in January, and I heard some of the students I'll be working with, and I got really excited. There was some incredible singing in the final round today (and a few standouts in the stuff I judged yesterday), and I'll just make this about me by saying that I am still so pleased every time I find myself simply enjoying and feeling excited by a singer's potential, or being moved by her or his performance. When I was younger, I was worried that teaching would be hard because I'd get all sour-grapey about people poised at the beginning of their singing lives, and thankfully that has turned out not to be the case. You worry that you're going to project too much onto kids, which, who knows, I may end up doing when I'm teaching them next term. I'll try not to.

I also handed my card to someone today, which is notable only in that someone asked for it and I actually had some with me, which never happens.

I hit one more thrift store on the way out, so I can now report on the Janesville Salvation Army. It was one of those irritating places where coats are, wait for it, THIRTY DOLLARS. I am sorry but you cannot call yourself a thrift store if you are charging $30 for an old coat. But then on the other hand I picked up a perfect vintage Lacoste dress for a few dollars and a Dale of Norway sweater for $5, so I just threw up my hands and ignored the coats. Why don't these places consult me when they're pricing stuff?

There's one very happy fat cat next to me. My boyfriend, damn his eyes, is in Honolulu waiting for his connecting flight to Maui. Yes he is going there for work. Yes it's a little maddening. Yes I could have bought into the trip for about eleventy billion dollars, so I opted to wait for another opportunity to go to Hawaii. Hopefully that day isn't far off, because there are cars outside that are lightly dusted with snow that does not seem to be melting.

I have got to go to bed. Another smart thing I did, schedule-wise, was "plan" (and I use that word loosely) a clothing swap for tomorrow, after I get up early and do two services. My pre-party to-do list includes a little shopping, a little prepping of snacks, a little cleaning of bathroom, and, um, purging my closet, all by 3:00. Tee hee.

In conclusion, someone please give me a college teaching job right now and also hire me for some concert work, plus transplant all the schools where I would enjoy teaching to a commutable location.

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  1. What are those fools thinking with the $30 coats? I mean seriously.