Friday, November 07, 2008

I'm in Wisconsin judging a competition this weekend and am hitting the thrifteries on my downtime. Here's a brief roundup of Wisconsin thrift stores so far:

Tomah Goodwill: Skip it. Tomah is a vortex anyway. People's cars seem to break down there; I felt like I was tempting fate just getting off the freeway, and then there was jack shit in the Goodwill.
Janesville Goodwill: Okay. Depends on what you're looking for. Not so good for vintage dresses and coats, my main objectives at the moment. In fact, there were hardly any coats at all--hard to believe for WI. Usually you can depend on a crapload of coats in northland thrift stores.
Whitewater Thrift Shoppe: Looks EXACTLY right, the way you want a thrift store to look. In an old Victorian house on Church Street, which is a street lined with, you guessed it, churches. The store itself looks like your grandma's attic multiplied and then blew up. That's a good thing. Plus, listening to the old ladies who work there hold forth and chit-chat was just the best kind of eavesdropping. Local color up the wazoo.
Reflections of the Past in Whitewater: Not a thrift store, but the vintage clothing selection is rather incredible, even though it made me sneeze uncontrollably the minute I started trying on dresses. The place benefits a no-kill cat shelter, so there are also cats in the way back. You can't see them, but their aura is unmistakable.
Fort Atkinson Goodwill: HOLLA. 4 coats, 4 dresses, 1 crazy plaid suit. Coming to an etsy shop near you.


  1. Sounds like a fulfilling shopping spree!

    I might go thrifting/antiquing tomorrow in Stillwater, which might prevent me from coming to your clothing swap....

  2. My car broke down in Tomah in 1993 (the red Rabbit) and I had to stay at that awful Econo-lodge next to the truck stop.