Friday, November 21, 2008

It's been days since I posted anything worth a damn, so I'm probably not going to start now. My time would be better spent working on these legwarmers for Willa, a project which is going to use up odd bits of yarn I've been carting around probably since college, when I learned how to knit. That's about 12 years of carting around yarn bits. I am inordinately excited to use them up.

On an unrelated topic, what the hell does it mean if the middle of your sternum is sore when you press on it? I'm inclined to think this is a chakra problem rather than a medical one, so maybe when I'm done with the legwarmers I'll go plant a crystal over my heart chakra or however that works.

And speaking of crystals and chakras, I uttered the phrase "lesbotronic new-age hootenanny" backstage at the recital this evening.

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