Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just barely.

It's been rather a social week, and so I haven't really been feeling my solitude in the house, which is too bad. I like to have that once in awhile, that rattling around, making messes, no-cooking feeling. But Monday I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in years and years until last week--he's in town for biz and we hung out one more time before he took off on Tuesday. I was a sort of mentor to him when we were in college. I guess that was due in part to my nascent den mother tendencies making themselves known. But he was actually assigned to me formally as a mentee in the writing lab where we both worked. I'm not sure I taught him anything, but he seems to think I did. Then on Tuesday I had a fundraising meeting with the opera folks that turned into a deep discussion about life, and that was great, but then all of a sudden it was after 11 (on a school night!). Then yesterday I was stupid and went to the mall. I have this feeling that I need to try different footwear, and basically reconcile myself to a life of flats, and I went on a recon mission. I should have stayed in and looked at shoes on the internet while putzing around the house. Then I wouldn't have stayed up so late. The mall is sort of social, in a forced way, especially when kiosk people get all up in your grill despite the purposefulness of your stride. My stride is nothing if not purposeful. And the mall, as I may have mentioned, alienates me now in ways that it never used to do. Girl, how you gonna play me like that?

Now here it is almost midnight, and while this evening was eaten up by mere choir practice as it is each Thursday, I did spend my lunch hour today catching up with someone I hadn't seen in 4 years who, in the interim, had a brain injury (attacked on the job! Medical professionals, ensure your workplace has adequate security before taking a position there), which was interesting to hear about, and also fucked up.

The Brit will be back at about 5:30 AM tomorrow, and I still have all the same Netflix I had when he left. But the floor is vacuumed, and there's a ton of fresh bread in the house, so that's something.

Ace and I are going to bed now.


  1. I haven't shoe shopped in a long time, but there's little more fun than going on a quest for some perfect kicks.

    Your Netflix mention brings me heartache. I still don't have a TV that will hook up the VCR, and I'm missing it. Winter can't be cozy without Netflix.

  2. I usually am at the mall trying on 30 pairs of pants/jeans and filled with hate. But it's fun when you're in the mood.

    I'm tempted to make the no-knead bread now that I have a cast iron dutch oven.

    Have a great weekend!