Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kids these days.

So last night we're all sitting around having semi-grownup chatting in the midst of Willa's birthday party, and our friend is telling us about how she's politicized her almost-2 year old niece. "What does a chicken say?" she'll ask, and get a "bawk bawk"; "What does a cow say?" gets a "moo." And then: "What does Barack Obama say?" and the little girl will say "Yes We Can!"

Then my mom jokingly says something about do you ask her what does John McCain say and we're all sort of snickering about that and Jude, without missing a beat, says "Drill baby drill!" and we all die laughing and he is very pleased with himself.

I can't say that I had any awareness of political candidates at age 4.

Later, we exchange more Jude stories. Here's a recent one:

Molly's in her bedroom. Jude says "Hey Mom!"

Molly's thinking, "Hey Mom can I have a juice box, Hey Mom I'm going to go outside." You know. "What?" she says.

He pokes his head in. "You have a really hairy vagina, right?"

"Uhhhh...I guess so."

And that was it. He was just checking.


  1. I just about fell off my chair at work laughing. Oh, Jude.