Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Late night niblet.

I'm doing okay with NaBloPoMo, but very poorly with remembering to post any time other than immediately before bed, when I've forgotten almost everything interesting that has happened to me or any deep thoughts that have occurred to me during the day. I did finally sort out a very grand entry on the informal economy ledger: I'm trading voice lessons for massages. I teach one lesson a week and get a 90 minute massage every two weeks, starting on Friday. Oh hell yes I am excited about this arrangement. I have this unplumbed interest in bodywork anyway, so it's high time I start getting into it on a regular basis. I also found an acupuncture clinic across the river to try, and my silly, unused flexible spending account at work will reimburse me for those treatments. Wack back, begone. (Actually, back, I love you, baby. You're doing just fine right now.) Next up: new mattress.


  1. We went out and bought a new mattress this weekend. We're pretty excited. I'm hoping for major improvements in the creaky body feelings.

  2. Girl, I need to find a voice lesson-massage situation! That is fantastic! Brilliant, lady.

  3. This is a brilliant, brilliant way of getting massage.