Monday, November 10, 2008

Loose ends.

I never followed up here about what we did with our reverse offering from church awhile back, and a few people have asked, so here is the word:

We went with the music scholarship idea. We did a little digging and found out that the music school we were interested in supporting had a scholarship fund set up through a local foundation, that the fund stood at about $10K, and that it would be matched by the foundation once it hit $15K. Then it turned out that there were some little connections between the scholarship founder and various choir members and church members, and the scholarship founder came and told us about her amazing parents, in whose honor the fund was started, and everything kind of came together. In the end, we rustled up over $1500 for music scholarships.

I can tell you firsthand as both an educator and a student that music study can be transformative, at any stage of life. Music study has affected every little corner of my world and has affected the way I think, in exclusively positive ways. Now some more people will be able to get a piece of that bizness.