Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snow bunny.

Today was my first official bike ride in snow. It was pretty decent, actually: I only fell once. But y'all crazy mofos who bust through the snow all winter on your bikes? You're going to have to forge ahead without me. I suppose if it's cold and dry I might hop on, but I have this fear of lurking ice and this other fear of really hurting myself.

The unfortunate thing about the potential for getting really jacked up while winter biking is that it feels great to be outside moving around when it's 30 degrees and sunny. It's invigorating, it's tough--the whole reason that people who live in cold climates do winter sports is because it's about the only way to reconcile yourself to the fact that you have months of cold ahead of you. You can either sit inside and moan or you can put on some gear and go deal with it. I've known this for years and years, and it's still hard to get over my much stronger desire to be cozy.

Anyway, I busted my shit within the first two blocks of my ride, and then I rode to the PO and then to this local bakery that I feel certain I've blogged about before, but evidently I haven't because I can't find the post. This place looks a little bit like grandma's attic inside, except with rows and stacks of pastries and bread. And the prices--well, they are not high end Minneapolis bakery prices. They are kind of astonishing. It seems crazy that you can get a beautiful croissant for $1.59, bagged up for you by a monosyllabic teenage boy. I also bought this:


Which looks like this on the inside:
Teacake: the inside.

It's an "American Teacake" and is one of their specialties. Highly recommended. Worth the ride AND the fall.

Also, we are re-joining the gym tonight.


  1. Okay, those baked things look delish. If you really want to keep riding in the winter, you could try studded tires...they do really help when things are a little slick. I'm guessing REI would carry some.

  2. I want the tea cake now! YUM.

    I biked this morning and it was pretty slick but I didn't have any misfortunes. I really think the skinny tires work!

    Tomorrow I'll probably tell you that I fell. :)

  3. I want to be your cheerleader, but SCREW a bunch of riding on ice.