Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy holidays.

This "holiday vacation" has been kicking my ass. First of all, I woke up with a blocked ear a week ago, and the beginnings of a head cold or some sinus thing that never really got off the ground. The ear's still blocked, though it's not causing as many problems as it did last week: vertigo, nausea. Now it's more generally annoying and when the cat meows, as he does often, it sounds like he's meowing on both sides of my head as well as inside my head. I am anxious for this blockage to dissipate because starting next week I will be teaching voice every day and I need my damn ears.

Then two nights ago I woke up with an actual stomachache, which never happens. It may have been the Chinese takeout from the night before, or it could have been a little bug courtesy of Jude (who barfed all day yesterday), but the upshot is that I had serious GI distress and serious malaise complete with full body aches. I couldn't get off the couch or eat anything and every time I stood up: nausea! I think I slept for about 20 hours and then sent the Brit out for applesauce. Today I'm okay--just kind of wobbly.

In between all of that, this happened. I don't know if you have to know Jude for this to be funny, but I laugh every time I watch it.

This was at my sister's family fondue party on Saturday. Phat beats provided by my brother. I can't really recommend fondue as a convalescent food or a food for optimum health, but it sure is fun.

I'm leaving for my stint in Collegetown in a few measly days. Hopefully I can muster some energy today to do some preparation. But I'm going to go easy on myself because that's obviously the message my beleaguered body is trying to send me.


  1. Oh, but the best part of the video is your mom - dancing in support of her grandchildren. Awesome.

  2. I like that part too. She likes to shake it.

  3. Great video. And yes, do listen to your body's request for easy-taking. Best healing wishes.

  4. Your mom rocks the house. Jigga jigga!

  5. I think the boys are already better dancers than me!

  6. Oh, horrors for your ailment! I wish you a speedy recovery and a very, very happy new year.


    PS my "word verification" word is:


    This makes me obscurely happy.

  7. Who cut off the vid before your mom did the headspin?

    I hate your family.

    (And by hate, I mean I totally wish I had been there for cheese and dancing.)

  8. Happy New Year, my friend.

  9. Your mom was doing the Run DMC Side-to-side. Hot.

    Feel better! And Happy New Year.