Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My bad, bad, bad eyes.

I had an eye exam the other day where there was a bit of "most people's eyes stop changing in their mid-20s, but that's not the case for you, ho ho ho!" So I now have new lenses and a few boxes of perfectly good Acuvue2 contacts in a perfectly outdated prescription. Do you wear these? Are your eyes (get ready) -6.50 with an 8.7 base curve? I will send three sealed boxes of contacts to you. I hate to waste them and no one will take them back a year or more after the fact.

As you were.


  1. damn! I totally want free contacts but they would more than double correct my vision. Maybe you could let people take them for a ride and charge admission.

  2. Ouch - now that's a prescription! I'm a -2.75/-2.50 so not too bad. *But* my eyes are rejecting my contacts so I am becoming more of a glasses-having grrl.

    PS My word today was "verse" - how nice!

  3. Are you sure? 1-800-contacts *will* take them back ... they have really amazing customer service.

  4. Sad...I'm 6.0 and my little Jew is 6.5 but he has an 8.6 base curve. Boo.

    And, we're all blind.