Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Do you know about this?

It is one of the most delicious snacks upon which I have ever snacked. It's ludicrous. Every time I buy it, I have a conversation about it with the cashier, which the cashier invariably starts by saying something about the best popcorn in the world. If you're vegan you won't be tempted, but the rest of yous: it's SMOKED. It's CHEESY. It's FAINTLY SWEET. It's SLIGHTLY HERBAL. There is SALT. And, it turns out, you can order it online for less than it costs in stores. (ETA: the bags are smaller than the ones I get at Whole Paycheck, so I was dead wrong about the value. Still: popcorn in the mail!) So yeah, it's 8 AM and I've already used my credit card.


  1. OMG, I love popcorn! I've tried the "Popcorn Indiana" brand but I'm not sure about the flavor. Where can you find it in stores?

  2. I get this flavor at Whole Foods. They're all good, but this one is covered with crack, nicotine, and strippers.

  3. Oh my goodness, yes. Rick and I hoovered a bag of that last Saturday. It was our first time trying it. The thing that makes it crack-like for me is the strippers, er I mean mustard.