Tuesday, January 06, 2009

This state is still coated in ice and my downstairs neighbor is playing the kind of bass-heavy slow jamz that are going to interfere with my plans to get to bed early. So far I'm not stressed out, but I still don't feel perfectly healthy and I could use a lot more sleep. Especially since the radiators in this house are the 4 AM clanking variety. I stumbled into the bathroom in the wee hours this morning and fumbled around for some silicone earplugs that I presciently packed and jammed them in my ears so that I could go back to sleep. The sound of my own brain was better than the intermittent, arrhythmic, unpredictable radiator.

I'm keeping sort of a low profile on campus right now. One nice thing about being here, even with two jobs to do, is that this apartment is very much a fortress of solitude. Just a little studio a stone's throw from my office, with a little 3/4 stove and tiny fridge that I packed with the like three organic vegetables I was able to find at the grocery store. I can come over here basically whenever I have downtime during the day, and I have tea going at all times. When the teaching day is done, it's just dinner with me, and I love that.

Also, I finally started streaming stuff directly from Netflix. It never made sense at home because the Brit and I like to watch stuff together on the bigger screen, but for sheer cozy convenience you cannot beat movies (or 30 Rock) delivered directly to your laptop. I love living in the future.

Speaking of which, you can likely expect more blog posts while I'm in the hinterlands. I was going to promise not to blog about my gratitude journal, but I just realized I can't promise you anything because I am going to be responsible for entertaining myself quite a lot for the next 10 weeks.


  1. LOVE the fortress of solitude. I've had this pleasure a lot this year on my travels here and there, and it's just great to be living with just what you need and no extras. Too bad we can't just carry it over to life.

  2. We also recently re-signed up for Netflix and have been dying over 30Rock episodes...Also, we bought the necessary connection thing-y (or the Jew did) so that we can watch the computron on our beautiful new TV! I also love living in the future - it's the best! Enjoy your solitude - sounds luuurvely!

  3. Living in the future is sooooo 2008. The past is the new thing.

  4. The minitureness of your studio life is what I really loved about living on my own, back in singledome. The tea (coffee) at all times or a nap if I wanted. The tiny kitchen. The solitude -- before it becomes obscure and trippy. Love.

  5. I just began my own 30Rock downloading journey. I'm only 1/2 way through season 1, but can I admit I have a crush on Tina Fey?

    Your little place sounds awesome.