Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I KNOW. I said I'd probably be blogging more and that has turned out to be a damn dirty lie. By the end of the day, I am sapped and pretty much in the mood for hunkering down with some tea and some mindless entertainment and some chatting with the boyfriend I love and miss. As a result, it's taken me three weeks, for example, to post three new dresses in my etsy shop, even though I photographed them two weeks ago. The books I thought I'd be reading are all in a pile, uncracked. Before bed, I can idly manage a few pages of this kinda woo-woo book that some of my students have been assigned to read this term, and then I pass out. And mercy on those poor students who get me at the end of each teaching day, when I've repeated myself so much I hardly know what I'm saying anymore.

The hardest thing about all this, frankly, is remembering that I have another job that needs my attention. I was home last weekend and went into the office twice, and Anna observed that I'm like one of those dudes with two families in different states. That's pretty much how I feel: very compartmentalized, with a deep sense of unreality about one compartment whenever I'm inhabiting the other. I am also in need of much solitude, which fortunately I can have here any time I don't have responsibilities on campus.

Lifestyle-wise, I'm eating superbly well at every meal, but not getting any exercise, apart from the jumping around I might do during a lesson. This morning I did a yoga video I streamed off Netflix, and I was kind of appalled by my lack of focus. My body is actually crying out, like wailing and gnashing teeth, for exercise at this point. Just now I was going to make a bunch of excuses involving the fucking cold weather, too, but I pooh-poohed those before they even made it onto the screen. I'm like 2 blocks away from the rec center and I can stand that much cold. Next week when it's in the 20s I will not have a single excuse left for anything.

I guess what I'm saying is that my after-hours life is pretty well confined to this studio apartment and the various pieces of electronica that keep me connected to the outside world. The Brit and I bought webcams to make our nightly wrap-ups more futuristic, and once we get those fired up I might not even talk to any other human people. Maybe we can exercise together on camera, or I could like lead a workout that he could do. That would be hysterical. I know his white limey ass hasn't been at the gym either.

In other good news, teaching is awesome. All of my students are working at a really high level, and it is a pleasure and privilege to be able to boost them upward. I like working with beginners too, but to continue my sports analogy from a few posts back, when I work with beginners I'm a tennis pro coaching six year olds or straight up newbies instead of, like, junior champions. It's rewarding in a different way, and calls on different skills.

Anyway. Next time I report, it's going to be all "my exercise routine this" and "my lap swimming that." For real.


  1. I think it's been a weird, blah week.

    I feel that I worked out in the rec center a total of like, six times during my four years at that college.

  2. Well, it's so rare that I'll go ahead and say it, this is one month that I actually have been exercising. Gentle yoga moves and four-mile walks in the park. Enjoy your double life.