Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things, stuff.

I'm cooking dinner but also popping popcorn, listening to the trains across the river whistle on down the tracks. I'm going to watch a movie and try not to eat all the popcorn before the smoky red beans and rice are ready, but you know, I went running today, outside, so I'm not sweating it. Plus, sometimes I just eat popcorn for dinner.

There are a lot of things cooking right now besides beans and rice (rim shot!). I've been working my way through some anatomy/body awareness books, for one thing. My reading's been pretty casual, but it and the movement workshops I observed last weekend have been enough to let me know that I need a much better fundamental understanding of the body if I'm going to continue to improve as a teacher (and balanced and efficient human being). I can't stop thinking about the natural movement of the spine during breathing. Thrilling stuff, I know.

Aaaaand, I'm flying home Saturday morning for a visit. I am thrilled not to be doing 10 hours of driving to see the people I love, and frankly kind of thrilled not to have a car with me while I'm there. Flying back Tuesday morning in time to teach a 10 AM lesson is not going to be that cool, but I'll manage.

I'm also getting my ear(s) checked on Monday while I'm home. My left ear has been ringing since December 23, and while the possibility of a simple infection was ruled out by a trip to one of those grocery store clinics recently, I feel off and something is definitely up. Possibly something serious. But maybe not. Most of the time I'm not hyper-aware of the ringing, but it is constant, and at some point each day I feel something akin to the very beginnings of mild motion sickness. And my ear is sensitive to noise, which so far hasn't been a problem while I'm teaching singing, but it's a little difficult to practice because I can't get away from my own voice and high frequencies are the worst. Whatever the case, I need to stop using the internet as a diagnostic tool, though I will say that it has been very helpful for information-gathering.

Video chatting with Skype has been rocking my socks off. The Brit usually spends the first few minutes of the conversation just making faces into the camera. The first few times we talked online, though, the conversations looked like this:

and this:

Less a conversation than a circus act.


  1. Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to send you something:
    I haven't read it yet but it is about tinnitus...maybe it will offer some sort of insight?

    P.S. The 2nd picture of the Brit looks like something from the psychedelic part of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  2. I don't know nothin about nothin, but over the last week when I've been reading my naturopath text book for class, there have been two references to constant ringing of the ears or tinnitus/meniere's as homegirl mentioned above. When I read the first reference, I thought of you, but shook it off because as mentioned I don't know nothin'. AND I'm sure you've read plenty online about meniere's. But when I read the second reference, more about the holistic treatment of it -- and then you posted that this is still a problem with a lil touch of vertigo -- it made me wonder if I should be passing this info along to you. I can mail you a copied sheet from the book specifically addressing it. It's one page with many holistic suggestions from diet, to bodywork to supplements . . . give me the word and I'll mail it out today. I understand if you don't though.

  3. Yeah, send it along. I've been reading about Meniere's and all kinds of vestibular disorders, as well as TMJD that presents itself not as jaw pain but as other kinds of tension. I welcome all info.

  4. I know truly nothing about nothing but hope you feel better and am sending healthy thoughts your way.