Sunday, March 15, 2009

1. I'm listening to robins singing their sundown/twilight song, which is one of my favorite sounds. That I can hear this sound at all tells you that a) the window is open and b) spring is probably coming to the Upper Midwest.

2. We broke 50 F today. I went for a brutal jog--any jogging at all would be brutal at this point, since I'd been running exactly twice in the last three months.

3. Classes are over. I leave here on Tuesday. I am very sad to be leaving. I love this place, I love the people, I've had an amazing term of teaching, and I'm going back to quite a different work life. This has to change.

4. I wanted to tell someone to watch 2 Days in Paris, so I'm telling you. Ditto for Happy Go Lucky. In a minute, I'm going to watch Rachel Getting Married. I also started watching MI5 on Netflix, and man, that show is not messing around. Highly recommended.

5. There was one fraudulent $5 charge on my credit card yesterday, and the company called me right away and closed the account. I'm pretty impressed with this. But I'm also baffled by what a pathetic case of fraud it was.

6. I have a lot of packing to do. How much you want to bet I do most of it on Tuesday morning right before I leave?


  1. We LOVE MI5 but it's been off the last two weeks because of the pledge drive. Boo! It is super intense.

    I'm glad you had a good semester.

  2. I love that you ran in a coat.

    Those credit card crooks often start little, to see if you notice, then go bigger. It's good your company got your back.

  3. No dude, I ran coatless. This is a big deal after the long-ass winter. Though I guess technically my last outdoor run was coatless too, but I was wearing a bunch of tech gear.

  4. Loved Happy Go Lucky, especially but not just because of, the flamenco lessons. I still find myself stamping out that tale of woe.
    Another fun movie from the recent past is French, The Closet. Very funny and cheering.

  5. Oh man, I knew I could get you hooked on MI-5! Way to bring spring home with you. P.S. I still have the pizelles you brought in September.