Friday, March 27, 2009

Quick hits.

Thanks a million to everyone who donated to Pro-Choice Resources. The Bowl-a-thon was last night, and get this: in the worst economy in the history of the event (and indeed, in the history of the organization), we raised the most money ever--over $42,000 and counting. It was really exciting. I was late to the fundraising party this year, what with the two jobs and the re-relocating, but y'all still brought the thunder and I am grateful.

Here are some niblets of things to read, in case you aren't looking at my shared items on Google Reader:

RH Reality Check devotes an entire entry to last week's episode of Friday Night Lights (which you can watch at and its realistic sex talk. Well, technically, half the post is devoted to the parallel talk on My So-Called Life, and I'm all for that show too.

The HPV vaccine's maker is trying to get the vaccine approved for boys> WaPo reports that, unsurprisingly, the debate over the vaccine has shifted from "will this make girls have sex?" to "is it cost-effective, safe, and worthwhile?"

There's a Men Against Sexual Violence Male Ally Conference at the end of April that sounds interesting. It's a two day event "that seeks to engage men in ending transphobia, homophobia and violence against women." The keynote speaker is Byron Hurt:
Hurt is a former Northeastern University football quarterback and was also a founding member of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program. MVP is a leader in college-based rape and domestic violence prevention initiatives for college and professional athletics. Hurt is also the former Associate Director of the first gender violence prevention program in the United States Marine Corps. A long time activist, author and film maker, Hurt challenges audiences to interrogate the damaging effects of patriarchy, racism, and sexism in American culture.

Some Texas wingnut legislator proposed a bill that would allow the Institute for Creation Research to grant Master of Science degrees in--wait for it--Creationism. Zonk.

Did anyone else hear Peter Singer talking about the ethics of giving on Marketplace recently? Feminist Finance gives you a quick rundown on the story and talks about philanthropy in troubled times. I haven't added up last year's donations yet, but I bet you I come in under the recommended giving for someone with my income, and I'm going to do more giving for poverty relief this year.

Is anybody else being kind of a failure at work today? Sigh.


  1. Byron Hurt is cool! He did a great documentary called "Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes" that was a Community Cinema pick two years ago. It's also used in schools to create discussion about racism, sexism and homophobia. I didn't know he was a football player.

    I devour your Google Reader daily and I can't thank you enough. The Feminist Finance piece (and all the other places it sent me) was fairly worldview altering, so never doubt the power of forwards and links. It's sobering to remember how much I still have compared to the majority of people on earth.

  2. I shed my tear for Friday Night Lights this week. Again. I can't get enough. I love Mr. and Mrs. Coach. And Tim Riggins

  3. I've never seen FNL before, but wow. What a tear-jerking scene.