Friday, April 03, 2009


Oh hello internet. Since we last spoke, March has gone out like a lion, and then April came in like one, replete with what meteorologists like to call "wintry mix" and what I like to call "utter shite." Plus I caught a cold, one bad enough to keep me home from work. The upside to this is that I was encouched for the whole day Wednesday and much of Thursday, deep in the internet when I was awake and napping with the cat otherwise. Thanks to the surfing, I ordered some handmade vegan deodorant on Etsy. If it works, rest assured that I'll be yawping it over the rooftops and drumming up business for the crafter who makes it.

Mostly when I'm cruising around Etsy, I'm looking at rings (an overwhelmingly huge category, btw, even with all kinds of search qualifiers to narrow things down. You wouldn't believe how many "Twilight inspired" pieces there are on Etsy right now.). That's one wedding accoutrement that is important to me, especially since they stay with you, and I love the idea of someone making them for us. You may holla at me if you know/know of an awesome ringmaker. I've actually stopped writing this entry like three times (I started Thursday) to wade through some more ring searching.

Apart from rings, I have had to stop looking at wedding p0rn after a brief flirtation with it. It was giving me anxiety about something that I want to be fun. That said, I do feel compelled to repost this bouquet (clicking on it will take you to the photographer's site):

What, are you kidding me? That's kale, man.

In other news, I just went to pick up my spendy musician's earplugs and had a charmingly flighty audiologist who threw in a high-frequency hearing test for free. I had an audiogram a few weeks ago and everything looked good, but the ENT I saw afterward said that all the symptoms I'd been having--ear fullness, tinnitus, dizziness, hyperacusis or maybe technically recruitment--were consistent with hearing loss and that I'd probably lost some of my high-frequency hearing, outside the range that is normally tested. Since there was no *event* to connect this loss to (trauma, a loud concert, etc), she also said "we probably won't ever know what happened." It could have been a virus.

The custom earplugs were my idea, since I'm a musician and all. Regular earplugs just sort of muffle everything, whereas musician's earplugs basically turn down the volume, so the clarity is better. They're fitted exactly the same way as a hearing aid, i.e., your ears are gunned full of goo, which sets and makes an impression of your ear canal. Today's appointment was a follow-up to learn how to don and doff the earplugs and make sure they're filtering the decibels they're meant to filter. That was all fine. The extra hearing test confirmed that my right ear is rockin and my left ear is less so. The clinic only has one instrument for testing those frequencies, and they use it most for cancer patients who are having chemotherapy, since that can damage the ears and the high-frequency testing provides an early warning about this damage. So, I'm considering myself warned early and I'll go back for follow-up in 6 months.

People, please pay attention to your hearing. I was in music school for 10 years and no one ever talked about hearing protection (until, coincidentally, my recent teaching stint in Wisco), which is plain ridiculous. I don't think I could have prevented whatever jacked my ear in December, but the thing about hearing loss is once it's gone, it's gone. Those little hair cells don't regenerate. So I'm going to be extra careful from now on.

In conclusion: GO IOWA.


  1. My bro-in-law and his wife got their wedding bands made for them, and they live in Minneapolis. I'll find out if they got them done locally...

  2. That's one good thing about living in Music City, everyone always had earplugs in their pockets 'cause they went to so many shows. I used to think it was a douchey, music biz thing to do, but I realized they're onto something. I don't want to lose my hearing. Thanks for the reminder and I hope your hearing will be OK.

    The bouquet's unbelievable.

  3. That bouquet was created from my subconscious. I love you, bouquet.

    Man, that pains me to read about your hearing. I'm very sensitive to the whole hearing thing with what we went through with Mina and all. I'm similar to her though. I don't hear so well – years of fluid -- and I don't mind really, but I'm not a goddamn musician. So, I'll think tremendous thoughts about your clear and beautiful ears.

  4. Preez-u to tell me how the deodorant works. I've tried them all at the co-op and haven't found a single one that works. Maybe this one will be it!

  5. Is it wrong that I actually kinda like (okay, let's be honest, I REALLY like) that bouquet?

    My husband flies a turbo-prop aircraft. I know all about earplugs, noise-cancelling headsets and, sadly, hearing loss. I hope you aren't feeling too badly. BTW - have you read Vikram Seth's book "An Equal Music"? I did think of you when reading it as it is about musicians and now, with this post, I am thinking of you more. Loved the book, if you are looking for a recommendation...

  6. Jenn, no really, we all love the bouquet. If I carry anything it should have vegetables in it.

    I did read An Equal Music last fall and believe me, I have thought of it many times in recent months. Are you on Goodreads? I definitely wrote a review of it when I read it. I remember thinking the writing was beautiful but being impatient with the main character.