Monday, May 04, 2009


Oh goodness, where have I been? For a few ignominious seconds this morning I was flat on my face in the street, thanks to these cute, stupid shoes I decided to wear today. It seems intuitive that shoes shouldn't be an impediment to walking, doesn't it? But it's possible that my fall was just pre-ordained and I would have bit the dust even barefoot. So far I've gleaned no cosmic lesson from falling, nor was the fall even the kickoff to a relentlessly shitty day. It's been a pretty nice day, actually, so I think sometimes biting it is just biting it. It's definitely causing me to reevaluate my footwear though.

I have also been in the kitchen: we got a new fridge and stove yesterday. The old ones were actually fine, except that the fridge had started making a blatty fart noise at random intervals a few months ago, and the stove was equipped with like a first-generation microwave that made the rear burners all but inaccessible. Said microwave was also pretty bad at warming up food. Anyway, it's now like a magical fairyland in the kitchen, comparatively speaking, and we had the opportunity to remove the dust buffaloes from behind the fridge.

Another place I've been is the bike path. Unfortunately, the bike path recently had some sort of pointy invisible shard on it that flattened the crap out of my tire, right in the middle of my commute home. This turn of events forced me to put my bike on one of those front racks on the bus, something I've often contemplated but always avoided doing. First of all, there's almost never any real reason for me to put my bike on the bus and ride instead of pedaling (strong headwinds, I laugh at you!), but second of all, I am often prevented from attempting such maneuvers by my fear of looking like a douchey noob in public. There are actually a few places in town where there are practice racks so that you can figure out how to work them before ruining the bus schedule with your own feckless real-time efforts. I always meant to get to one of those practice racks. But I needn't have worried. The racks are easy to operate and noobness was avoided.

My tire is still flat, however.

Where else? I went to Henry's kid birthday party, which was like Lord of the Flies except with more pajama pants (all the kids got soaked in the rain; their clothes went to the dryer; they borrowed Henry and Jude's jammies). Several times, they all broke out in spontaneous chanting. One mystery kid had some bad gas. I wore actual earplugs and ate Indiana Jones cake.

I have been in the sewing room, which is actually just sort of the office and the place where all my craft crap ends up lately. I made these little frankenbooties:
In putting these together, I discovered that I have no idea how to sew a curved line without it looking like utter shite. I guess that's why I made this prototype before really getting fancy with my fabrics, but you know, I saw some forum where the person who reviewed the pattern was like "I made these in about a half hour; they're great!" and I thought I'd be able to manage. I need more practice, clearly.

Speaking of crafty, I have also been on Etsy, A LOT. Not only am I frequently looking for craftacular inspiration, I'm also trying to be more consistent with my shop maintenance, so as to make more sales, which is working so far. I realized I've been hoarding some of my inventory for two years, so I ruthlessly marked things down. And I'm actually going to start tweeting about the shop more than once every two weeks, even though Twitter is, for me personally, sort of a pointless exercise (I don't use any mobile devices). Another rad shop development: I need to get a different face and booty in some of my photos, so look for my sister Emily in future listings.

Another place we went is to the Chowgirls kitchen for a tasting. It was deeeelish, so they're going to cater the wedding. Woot woot!


  1. Anna just gave me a sewing machine but I am afeared to use it. Must find some thrift store fabric/patterns.

    Sorry you biffed it...what shoes were the cause?


  2. Cute booties (and I want to toss "noob" in there somewhere, wherever it might go), and are you saying you don't use a cell phone?

  3. Oh no, I do use a cell phone. But it is strictly a phone--no interwebs, and I don't have a texting plan, so I pay by the text.

  4. Hi KA- I'm trying to figure out if those booties are for you or Willa. Do tell.

  5. Siri! I didn't know you were bloggin. I'm adding you to my google reader. To answer your question, the booties are likely for no one. I think I read the pattern wrong (to be fair, the instructions are poorly written), because they are supposed to be newborn-sized and they're clearly way too big. But still too small for Willa, and def too small for me. Alas.

  6. Different face, but same booty- no?

  7. Wellll, I would venture to say that hers is harder to contain.

  8. I grilled about five different bus drivers before I attempted putting my bike on the front rack. I'd get on the bus and start the conversation like the driver and I had been having one for hours. "So, " -- insert bus card -- "if another bike is up there, how hard is it to get mine on?" But you're right, it isn't hard at all.

    Miss you, mama!