Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bye, suckers.

Dear internets, I am leaving you for two weeks. It's possible that I may blog at you from England or Italy, but I'm doing this thing where I try not to formulate a narrative version of events as I'm experiencing them. I know you English major types or longtime journalers or even letter-writers feel me.

The crazy thing is that I'm all packed and we have a good 20 minutes before my dad shows up to take us to the airport. This is not typical, as I am famous (at least in my own head) for dicking around until the last possible second and frittering away any time that would have given me a comfortable cushion for contingencies. And yet here we are, packed for not one but THREE trips, since we will be doing side trips from our home base, and I don't even think I've forgotten anything. Can you tell I'm a little bit impressed with us?

For my final act at home I am going to do some last-minute shopping on our bookshelves and snoogle the cat, poor little friend.

I'll be back on Bastille Day!