Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh hai.

I guess "regularly scheduled programming" means "blogging like every two weeks or whatever." I'm getting married in a month but I can't even really use that as an excuse. I mean, things have occasionally gotten heavy recently as we grope toward a shared vision of married life and discuss WHAT IT ALL MEANS, but it's not like I've chosen to be swamped by planning and busyness. I still don't know what I'm wearing, if you must know.

To kick off my blogging re-entry, here are some weird things I saw this morning.

1. The bus stop bench was a Wells Fargo ad that said "talk to a banker," but someone had crossed out the last word and sharpied "WANKER" over the top, which I loved. There was also a dinosaur saying "RAR" chasing the Wells Fargo wagon.

2. Two cracker-style breadsticks were laid neatly into the window well next to my seat on the bus.

3. The big awning/entryway thingie over the front door of my credit union (which I passed on the bus) had a Razor-type scooter nestled on top of it, like someone had chucked it up there. Or maybe yesterday's tornado deposited it there without damaging anything or leaving any other evidence behind.

Here's another list. This one is about deliciousness.

1. Tofu ranchero and vegan cornbread on the co-op's hot food bar this morning. Hell yes.

2. R.W. Knudsen's Spritzer Ginger Ale. It's just apple and grape juice, ginger, and fizzy water, and it is totally ginger ale. I've been experimentally off sugar for like 2.5 weeks, and this was a bonus discovery. Not that fruit juice isn't full of its own sugars, but the point is that nothing is added.

3. This is more about anticipating deliciousness: we have a tomato plant in the backyard that is buck wild. Like, it grows about 3 feet every day. It has completely overwhelmed the herbs planted nearby, to the point that I have transplanted the basil and may need to transplant the sage. But damn, none of the tomatoes on the plant have ripened yet. HURRY UP TOMATOES.

Okay, there was one wedding thing that took up a bunch of time and I can share that with you. I gocco printed all of my invitations, reply cards, and envelopes. It's a smallish wedding, so it wasn't an overwhelming amount of printing, but I still managed to destroy about 5 screens in my quest to get fairly clean and appropriately sized prints. Gocco is a bit infuriating because when everything works perfectly, it's a breeeeeze to print jillions of copies. But if your master comes out flawed, there's nothing you can do but burn a new screen. And if you're mixing ink colors, the potential for making a big fucking mess is high. And what is up with the carcinogen-coated lightbulbs? Anyway, I got the job done after several nights, but my internal jury is out on how much I love my gocco printer. I would say we have a complicated relationship.

As I mentioned above, there was a tornado in south Minneapolis yesterday, which is weird. It's awful for the people whose stuff was destroyed/blown away, but I haven't heard about a single injury yet. It touched down about 3 miles away from where I live while I was at work ensconced in a building where you can't hear the sirens and they don't tell you to take cover. I got home and there wasn't even a branch out of place on my street, though there are plenty of pictures of uprooted trees and lifted sidewalks on the internets. How did you Twin Citians fare?


  1. In a month? Wow. I didn't realize it was coming up so soon!

    Hope you're enjoying your last delicate weeks of maidenhood.

  2. We should throw you an internet bachlorette party.

    How? I dunno, but we should is what I'm saying.

    DUDE, a month! Nutty!

  3. Is is stalker-ish of me to admit that I check back in here because I really do want to know what you end up wearing to your wedding?

  4. Haaa, Jenn, no it isn't. I wish I had better news for you. I have looked at hundreds and hundreds of dresses--not exaggerating. (The interweb makes it possible.) So many utterly crappy vintage websites that I'm pretty sure I won't end up in vintage. And so many uuuuuugly dresses online in retail stores too. BAH.

  5. R said he saw the tornado from his office window, but there was no wind here in Seward.

    Anna did the whole j crew via Ebay dress thing.

  6. Blah blah blah I'm getting married in a month blah blah blah.

    What? Seriously, that is big news! I didn't get how soon it was happening. I'm also curious about your dress and also the whole setup. So do share when you feel like it. I'm excited for you!

    Totally agree on internet bachelorette party. Wish we could

  7. What??? A month??? This doesn't give all of us much time to plan to crash it.

  8. Hee.

    We really do need to have a small-scale blogger summit, y'all.

    And I will share more details as they unfold, though I shrink from becoming a wedding blogger.

  9. I bought my wedding dress was from one of those disposable fashion "boutiques" -- something called Fashiontime or Pink's Fashion. It was a salmon colored halter, tea length and cost $30.

    Hard to see here, but the point is wedding dresses can be lurking anywhere! To be fair, I had to spend fucking $200 on shoes to go with that motherf'ing dress, but still, I loved it.

    Summit! Vamos.

  10. I really wanted to by vintage, but I didn't want a vintage wedding dress per se. And I wasn't in to the 60s mod thing (well, if I had hot legs I might have been but a short wedding dress wasn't going to flatter me). Anyhooo, I was kinda sad that I didn't end up wearing some fab vintage ting, but I ended up having a local designer make me something and ended up with this:

    I did pay him $350 though, which wasn't part of my original plan. Anyhow, I will keep checking in to see what you find.

  11. I know you shrink from becoming a wedding blogger, but! You aren't remotely obnoxious, AND you're making a huge, important commitment to a lovely fellow, AND it's going to be fabulously stylish and meaningful, AND we love and support you, AND we want to share the joy with you. I think I speak on behalf of everyone.