Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Now that we've been married a month, it's really time for me to get back into some regular, non-wedding-themed, non-wedding-interrupted blogging, right? Like about frivolous things that aren't decorations?

Here's one: my sisters and mom and I went to see "Little House on the Prairie: the Musical" on Sunday. This was Molly's birthday present to Em and me, and it was thoroughly entertaining, if a little bit "Red White and Blaine." Is it just me, or is it impossible for any Americana musical theater event to avoid this comparison? I did an opera premiere several years ago that was frontier-themed and watching the LHOTP schtick brought back many memories of onstage hootenannies and Guffman references, covered wagon props and pointing-into-the-distance staging. I could actually go on and on about the opera because so many hysterical things happened during the performances, but back to LHOTP: if you grew up watching it, as we did, it's very very satisfying to see Melissa Gilbert as Ma. She was Half Pint! Pa brought her lemon verbena! She grew up on TV! And there she was in front of us, onstage, valiantly singing and kicking up her heels.

At intermission, we reminisced about how often we used to play Little House. Remarking on the awful staging for Mary (who kept "feeling" her way into a spotlight whenever someone back at home was talking about her), Molly remembered that we pretended to be blind ALL THE TIME, and this was true. Molly preferred to be Mary when we were playing Little House, and I preferred to be Laura. We dressed our brother up as Baby Grace (which I feel certain I've written about before). When he was a toddler, he was compliant and would submit to wearing a bonnet. There were, in fact, bonnets for sale in the lobby at the show, and two little girls who came into the audience all Holly-Hobbied up about broke my heart with their cuteness.

So there was that.

Then another thing, non-frivolous, is that I'm going to be living a double life again starting in Feb, doing another sabbatical gig at a different college, this time in Iowa. This has actually been in the works since March, but I didn't go demonstrate my skillz until two weeks ago. They formally offered me the job the next day, so it's now more or less a done deal and I can tell the internet about it. What it means is that I will have another cuckoobananas few months early in the year, mitigated by double paychecks and the opportunity to do what I love/am trained to do.

It is very very good to have this to look forward to, as there seems to be a great deal of job malaise going around, at home and in my department and among my friends and family (these categories intersect, too; want to see the Venn Diagram? I love Venn Diagrams). Everyone who has a job is grateful for it and therefore a bit too freaked to try anything else. And of course, employment benefits also keep people right where they are. My employer offers such great benefits that I'd be a fool to give them up, and I wish I could put my entire family on my health plan. Fortunately, I don't have to give up the benefits, and I can still avail myself of this other work opportunity. Word.

Finally, speaking of malaise, I'm in a personal style slump of sorts, which has not been cured by trying to winterize a summer dress today (too much cotton, too many sticky layers). So I've been boot shopping, as I do each fall, and I ordered some plus-sized (AKA "wide shaft," which kills me) boots. I'm so intrigued to see whether they fit. I'll look like a Star Trek extra if they do and like a sad frump if they don't.

(ETA: sad frump. "Wide shaft" boots are too big, but regular ones will undoubtedly strangulate my calves.)

I've probably blogged about Duo Boots before, right? Sometime I'll drop a bunch of money on boots that are custom fitted, but probably not until I can pick them up in England. If you have ordered from Duo, please weigh in.

Also, I have resurrected my food blog. Please go enjoy some lasagna.


  1. At no point was the HobBonnet situation ever discussed. At least, I have to believe that I would remember that fabulous piece of history had it been writ.


    (Oh- congrats on the teaching gig. LOLZ, that that factoid took a backseat to bonnets in my mind.)

  2. Ooooh. Where in Iowa? Close to moi? Email me!

    I would kill all in my path to see LHOP: The Musical.

  3. I don't think the boots look trekky.
    Congrats on the new gig!

  4. We must eradicate the word "shaft" in this century. It's unspeakable.

    Congratulations on this very cool Iowa gig. Can't wait to see what the thrift stores turn up. I love Iowa!

  5. Bummer about the boot fit, 'cause those are nice. Are you *sure* that regular ones will be too small? What's the harm in trying?!

  6. I keep picturing a grown Hob with a bonnet. Bonnet and beard. I'm cracking myself up over here.

    Congrats on the job! That's great.

  7. Jenn, occasionally I can find "regular" boots that fit, but searching is a process designed to dishearten. At 17 inches, my calves are not messing around. But all the plus boots I've ever tried are really gappy. I do think custom is the way to go, so I'm saving my pennies. Or, I suppose, if I find something that's close but not perfect I'll pay to have them stretched.

  8. I've decided over here that boots aren't worth it. That's a controversial stance, I realize.

  9. Little house on the Prairy, Musical? My goodness that must have been some experience I never thought in my wildest dreams that would be brought to the stage :)

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